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What are morals and ethics?

Morals are a codification of things which man has discovered to be bad for himself and for others at some time in his history, and having discovered that these things were inhibitive to his own survival, he then made a law about them. It was an arbitrary law. For example, he found out that every time somebody went and stood under a jub-jub tree they broke out all over with blisters. And he couldn’t figure out what this had to do with jub-jub trees or why the fellow became blistered, and he had no explanation for it at all, but he’d observed this several times. So he knew that standing under a jub-jub tree was inhibitive to survival. So therefore he made a law about it.

When you talk about morals, you’re actually talking about something which was bad for the race once upon a time. When it went onto the statute books and was made effective by force of billy clubs and judges, it was a law. But when it was enforced by superstition or just belief that it “ought to be” it was a moral.


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